Selfie Deaths is a non-commercial project dedicated to documenting accidental deaths that occur because a person is trying to take a selfie.

We try to give an objective report of each incident that summarizes the circumstances surrounding the case, usually derived from articles already published in international news media.

We do not list intentional suicides.


The aim is to give objective information on the cases, but we are aware that these cases cause great grief for the families and friends of the victim. If a family member or person close to the victim does not wish specific information to be public, we will respect that and remove it.

Copyright Claims

If you are the owner or legal representative of a website or the author of an article Selfie Deaths uses excerpts from and do not wish your content to be published here, please contact the administrator. The corresponding passages will then be removed, and Selfie Deaths will refrain from using this source in the future. The same applies to photographs and images.