Woman dies falling off a cliff at a “selfie hotspot”

On Saturday, 17th August 2019, an unidentified woman fell 30 feet down from a cliff to her death in Sydney, Australia.

Rescue helicopter at the scene of the incident

The incident happened in Diamond Bay Reserve in Vaucluse located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The woman was said to be 27 years of age and has not been identified. Witnesses told the police that the woman was taking pictures when she fell off the cliff. Emergency services were called at the scene and they commenced the rescue operations immediately but the woman is believed to have died at the spot of the incident.

She fell off the cliff on to a rock 30 feet below that. A  Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter arrived at the scene and a rescue officer was winched down to the rock but was not able to save her life.

A video on twitter shows a helicopter hovering at the scene of the incident
Rescue crew

The Diamond bay area and the cliffs surrounding it are a popular hotspot for taking selfies. Even though there are barricades in place, visitors try to cross them in an effort to take better pictures.

Source: NZ Herald, Metro UK

(Picture: Metro UK)

(Source: NZ Herald)

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