Woman dies accidentally firing father-in-law’s pistol

On Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 23 year old Jahnvi accidentally shot herself while taking picture to post online.

Jahnvi and husband

The incident happened in Durganagar near Agra, India. Jahnvi was an avid social media user. Her husband was a university student in New Delhi. Her father in law served in the army and it was his pistol that was involved in the incident. Her father in law was travelling to Delhi to meet his son.

The pistol was entrusted with Jahnvi for safekeeping. She was posing with the pistol while her sister in law was clicking pictures. Accidentally the gun went off and Jahnvi was severely injured. She was immediately taken to the hospital by the neighbours but it was not sufficient to save her life.

Source: Talented Indian (Hindi)

(Picture: Talented India)

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