Two young men fall of a cliff in Spain

On Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, two young British tourists fell off from the top of a cliff at Costa Brava, Spain.

Daniel Mee and Jayden Dolman

The two deceased men were identified as Daniel Mee (25), and Jayden Dolman (20). They were trying to take a picture in a rather dangerous pose along the handrails, according to the onlookers. From the top of the cliff they fell 40 feet to the pavement near the Punta Prima beach.

Paramedics arrived without haste to the scene. Daniel, a self-employed plumber, was declared dead at the scene. Jayden was airlifted to Alicante hospital, where he later succumbed to his grave injuries.

There was a third friend who accompanied Daniel and Jayden, and he had panic attack watching this drastic incident. The families of the deceased flew to Spain.

Source: DailyRecord, Newsweek

(Picture: Daily Record)

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