Woman taking selfie attacked by a Zebra

On Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, a zebra attacked a woman, with a baby in hand, attempting to take a selfie with the animal.

The zebra is kept in a fenced private farm in rural Seymor, Tennessee called Brookhaven Animal farm. The farm has many exotic animals. Michaela Napier approached the animal to take a selfie with her boyfriend’s baby. She thought it was fine since she saw others do the same. While posing in front of the zebra’s pen, the zebra charged at her from behind. Zebra picked Napier inits mouth and slammed her down three times. The zebra relented only after her friend punched the aimal in the face. No harm was done to the baby. Napier was taken to the hospital and given some tetanus shots.

The passerby approaches the animals in the farm without any permission or knowledge about the animals. This is the fourth attack by animal on the farm.

Source: Global News

(Picture: Standard Digital)

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