Woman taking pictures fall from Eagle Falls and drowns

On Saturday, June 1st 2019, a woman fell from the top of Eagle falls after loosing her footing while taking pictures.

Eagle Falls

A 35-year old woman, identified as Stephanie Espinosa, lost her footing while taking pictures too close to the edge of waterfall which cascades 150 feet into the Emerald bay of Lake Tahoe.

There is no guard rails at the edge of the waterfall. Her brother, Nick Martinez , who was with her at the time of the incident insist that she was not taking pictures but was reaching a branch. But the eye witnesses of the incident disagree. Tahoe Truckee Regional Rescue Team responded to the incident and recovered her body.

The cold water in the waterfall was moving rapidly because of the record amount of snowfall that happened in the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains.

Source: Independent, CBS local, Geek.com

(Picture: North Tahoe Fire Protection District)

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