Two girls in Russia fall to death in 24 hours

Two girls in Russia fell from buildings to their deaths while attempting selfies, in two separate incidents which happened within 24 hours. The victims are Alyona Anopina, 14 and Polina Kavaleva, 13.

Alyona Anopina

Body of Alyona was found near an abandoned baking factory. She was on the roof of the building with her friends while the incident happened. This incident happened in Atkarsk in Saratov region. This happened on 26th April 2019

Polina Kavaleva

On the very next day, 27th April 2019, Polina was on the roof of a nine storey building in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region with three of her friends. According to her friends she “stumbled and fell” from the edge of the roof while taking a selfie. Even though police and paramedics rushed to the scene, they were not able to rescue the girl who fell 100 feet from the roof of the building.

The Russian investigative committee is probing into both the incidents.

(Picture: Standard Digital)

(Picture: The Sun)

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