University student falls to death from Keating Hall clock tower

On Sunday 3 a.m, 14th April 2019, 22 year old student of Fordham university student died after falling from the clock tower on University campus in New York.

Sydney Monfries

The victim, identified as Sydney Monfries, was a senior at Fordham University and was climbing the stairs to reach the top of the clock tower when the incident happened.

Climbing the Keating Hall clock tower, touching the bell and taking a picture is considered as “a rite of passage” among the students of the university. Sydney, who hails from Portland, Oregon, fell and tumbled 40 feet and struck her head at the base. A friend who was accompanying her a on the ascent to the clock tower summoned the emergency services.

She was on life support at St. Barnabas Hospital till her parents arrived from Oregon on Sunday afternoon. Eventually she succumbed to her injuries.

Source: NY Post, Fox News, Insider

(Picture: NY Post)

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