Macau tourist falls 300m to his death at Grand Canyon

On Thursday, March 28th 2019, a tourist from Macau fell 1000 feet into the Grand Canyon, Arizona while taking pictures.

Grand Canyon

The unidentified man from Macau was with 11 other tourists. The tourists were on a 11 day guided tour arranged by Hong Thai Travel services in Hong Kong. The point of incident was Eagle point in Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Eagle point is well known for its sky-walk, officials cleared that the incident didn’t happen on the sky-walk.

The body of the victim was recovered by helicopter 1000 feet below the rim of Grand Canyon West. Multiple accidents have happened in Grand Canyon and multiple warning signs are installed at the site. The tour group was there with a Cantonese speaking guide, so the speculation is that the victim knew little English.

Source: South China Morning Post, Gear Junkie

(Picture: Gear Junkie)

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