“Cut into pieces” by oncoming train while taking selfie

Karina Baymukhambetova and the railway track

As reported on 26th March 2019, 15 year old girl was “cut into pieces by an oncoming train in Orsk, Orenburg, Russia.

Karina Baymukhambetova, was a on the railway track with a boy, a relative trying to take selfie on the tracks. The boy warned her of the danger but as per report she told him “Be afraid of nothing in life.” The boy was able to jump away in time, but the girl was not lucky enough and was hit by the train. The engineer saw people on the tracks, sounded the horn and applied emergency brakes. This was not sufficient to safe her life.

Social media was filled with grief stricken messages from friends and others in the locality. The police department is trying to give warning to parents and children regarding the dangers of being on railway tracks.

Source: Daily Star, Daily Mail, Khaleej times

(Picture: Khaleej Times)

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