Teen drowns falling from ‘selfie rock’ in Nepal

On Sunday, 24th February 2019, 17 year old falls from a boulder and drown to death in Narayani river, Narayangadh, Chitwan.

Narayani River

Manish Sah, who hails from Bihar, India was in Narayangadh to visit his father. The boy fell into 20 feet deep water from a protruding rock on which the boy tried to take a selfie. This rock is situated 500 meters upstream from the bridge connecting Narayangadh and Gaidakot. The body was recovered by divers from the Armed Police Force (APF) Disaster Management Training Centre in Kurintar.

The rock is known as ‘selfie rock’ among the locals and people throng here to click selfies on the rock. It is quite dangerous due to the location of the rock and because the riverbed is mulchy making it difficult to find one’s feet.

Similar accidents have occurred in the past in this location and one was documented on Selfie Deaths.

Source: Kathmandu Post

(Picture: Google)

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