“Bikini Hiker” Gigi Wu

Gigi Wu

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, a Taiwanese blogger, well known for posting selfies in a bikini on mountain tops, lost her life after she fell from Taiwan’s Jupen Mountain.

When she fell, she was able to contact a friend for help, but she was unable to move due to her injuries. Due to the late time of the day, the search for her only began the next morning. A helicopter was unable to land at the site. Her body was found on Monday.

The blogger, named Gigi Wu, 36 years old, was notorious for posing in light clothing on mountain tops.

Her likely cause of death was hypothermia. Wu gained fame by posting pictures of herself in a bikini atop mountains after she reached the summit. She had completed 100 hikes and worn at least 97 bikinis over the past four years. However it is not clear if she was wearing a bikini at the time of the fall.

Source: CNN

(Picture: Facebook)

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