Woman from New Zealand dies from brain injuries after bicycle accident

Carmen Greenway in the selfie that likely caused the accident

On August 18, 2017, a New Zealander who took a selfie as she rode her bike fell off shortly afterwards, following a night out to celebrate her mum’s birthday in London. She was not wearing a helmet and died of complications caused by brain injuries six days later.

Reportedly, the victim, named Carmen Jane Greenway, 41, a mother of two, was with her mother Sherry Bennett when they rode home from a pub and the accident happened.

Ms. Greenway had drunk two cocktails and four glasses of wine.

She was not wearing a helmet and may have been riding relaxed and one-handed when she tumbled to the floor, suffering head injuries which eventually turned out to be fatal.

She had taken a selfie just moments before coming off her bike about 90 meters from her home in Isleworth, west London shortly after midnight.

She died six days later after her head injury caused her to suffer an epileptic seizure and a heart attack in hospital.

A friend of the deceased said: “I’m not sure how it happened, we rushed to her and she was completely unconscious. It took a while for her to regain consciousness and when she did she was very aggressive and shouting she wanted to go home. It was not like her. We had to pin her to the floor, there was blood coming from her ear and we didn’t want to move her.  An ambulance came and the bleeding stopped before the ambulance arrived.”

Because of her injuries, she was taken to St Mary’s Hospital’s major trauma center  in Paddington, where a CT scan confirmed the injuries. Reportedly, she had fractures and significant bruises of the brain, affecting the temporal and frontal lobe.

While on the ward she was conscious but, complained about intense pain.  Her condition was monitored every four hours until her “sudden and unexpected” death.

Source: Stuff NZ

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