Three killed, one injured when train hits selfie-taking kids

Four children, including a brother and sister aged 13 and 10, were killed when they posed for a selfie in front of an oncoming freight train on the Trans-Siberian line close to Vladivostok, Russia, on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The train driver applied the emergency brakes but could not avoid the tragedy.

The victims were identified as Vladislav Khoroshinkin, 13, Sergey Zembakhtin, 13, and Sergey’s sister Ustinya, 10.

Their 13 year old friend Anya Khvatova was in a ‘grave but stable’ condition in Vladivostok Hospital Number 2.

A female witness said one of the children was ‘cut in half’ by the impact with the train.

‘A boy was smashed so much that his intestines were hand-picked by railway workers in a plastic bag.’

Source: Siberian Times

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