Scot (22) hit by car while taking selfie on German Autobahn

Dean Steele

On Sunday, May 1st of 2017, a 22-year old Scot, named Dean Steele, died when he was hit by a car while taking selfies on the motorway near Gudow, northern Germany.

An oncoming 73 year old driver couldn’t avoid the collision and hit the young man, who died at the scene. His shocked 21 and 22 year old friends were taken care of by emergency care.

The three friends crossed the motorway in order to reach a service area, Raststätte Gudow, on the other side.  They stopped at the median barrier to take pictures with their phones. The three men were reportedly celebrating the birthday of one of them and were drunk at the time of the incident.

The motorway, Autobahn 24, was blocked for three hours. Traffic was diverted via the service area.

Source: WeltBBC

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