Student (21) posing for selfie swept away when dam is opened

Rachel De Jong

On February 9, 2017, a student named Rachael Louise De Jong, drowned in a river in New Zealand just moments after posing for selfies when a dam was opened and the water level rose dramatically.

Four women had reportedly been taking selfies moments before, as the warning siren went off, signalling the dam would be opened.

The group attempted to jump to safety from the small rock on to a bigger rock as fast-flowing water began to rise around them.

Two women reached the rock, but Ms De Jong, 21, another woman, and a man who had been trying to help them were swept away by a sudden surge of water.

While the man and other women managed to swim to safety, Ms De Jong was drowned by the powerful current.

Tourists witnessed the incident, but were unable to help. They told news site they were on a viewing platform when the siren went off and the water began to rise.

One tourist said the water had become “quite high” when they noticed four people “holding selfie sticks” on the other side of the river.

Source: Independent

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