Selfie on dam leads to drowning of two young men

Jayesh and Bahrat

Taking a selfie proved costly for two friends as they both drowned in Sindhrot check dam, a popular picnic spot, 10 km from Vadodara city in India, on Sunday, June 12th, 2016.

Four friends had gone on a picnic to the dam. Two of them tried to take a selfie from the top of the check dam when one of them slipped and fell into the dam. When he started drowning, the other one jumped in to save him, but lost control and he too drowned.

According to information provided by police, Jayesh Baria (23) pursuing part-time mechanical diploma at a polytechnic college and working in Makarpura GIDC; Bharat Parmar (24) MCom final year student at MSU and working in a private company; Kalpesh Parmar (25) working in Makarpura GIDC and Siddharth Kohli (23) had gone to Sindhrot check dam.

“We four went to enjoy our weekend at the dam and decided to have abath. I was enjoying my bath on the other side, while Jayesh, Bharat and Siddharth were bathing on the other side. After clicking photos, three of them put aside their camera and were sitting on the top when Jayesh suddenly lost balance and fell into the water. Seeing him Bharat dived in to save him, but he also started drowning. Finally, Siddharth too dived in to save them but couldn’t save them and he had to swim to safety,” Kalpesh said.

The surviving friends informed the local swimmers who searched and found the bodies of their friends late in the evening. The boys later informed the taluka police and the family members of the deceased, Kalpesh said.

Source: Times of India

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