27 year old Brazilian drowns after taking selfie

On Thursday, January 14, 2016, a yound man identified as 27 year old Ricardo Amaro Reis fell into the sea while taking photos on the rocks of the Indaiá Canton in Bertioga off the coast of São Paulo.

According to witnesses, the young lived in Guararema, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and was with a friend taking pictures in the area known as ‘Cantão do Indaiá’, when the two were hit by a wave and fell into the sea .

One of the victims, Daniel Guedes, survived. After the incident, he posted on the official Facebook profile that he floated for about 20 minutes at sea before he fainted. He was then rescued by a firefighter and sent to the hospital.

His friend Ricardo, however, was missing. The body of the young man was only found on Saturday, two days after the accident, in the same region where he had disappeared.

Source: Globo

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