Two young Turkish men run over by truck while taking pictures

In December 2015, five teenagers laid down in the middle of the road near an airport in Turkey to take pictures with a plane landing in the background. A truck driver did not see them and ran them over, killing two.

The survivors said they had stopped by the airport’s perimeter fence to look at the planes, and then all five of them decided to lay on the road to take a selfie with one of the planes in the background as it came into land.

Because it was already dark at 9pm, the lorry driver had not seen them, and had run over two of the boys identified as Muhammet Bozkurt, 17, and Caglar Savasci, 19.

Policemen called to the scene of the incident confirmed that the five friends had been drinking and blood alcohol tests had been ordered on all of the car occupants.

After the tragic accident, the three that survived had collapsed crying over their friends, while the shocked truck driver had been left to call the police and raise the alarm.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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