21 year old Russian woman falls from bridge while taking selfie

Moscow (openstreetmap)

On Saturday, July 4th of 2015, a young Russian woman died after a fall from the bridge where she was trying to make a memorable selfie next to the Moscow City financial district.

The woman, a 21-year-old graduate of the Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies, reportedly wanted to make a selfie in front of one the famous landmarks of the Russian capital, but fell from the bridge while taking the photo.

The incident took place next to the Moscow International Business Center. The young woman was taking a selfie together with her friends, but couldn’t hold on and fell from the bridge onto the quayside.

According to other sources, the reason for girl’s death was a broken fence on the bridge that she leaned on while taking the photo.

Source: Russia Today

(Picture © OpenStreetMap contributors)

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