Romanian teenager dies attempting to take ‘ultimate selfie’

Anna Ursu, 18, posed with a friend on top of a train in the north-eastern Romanian city of Iasi when her leg touched a live wire above, sending an electrical surge of up to 27,000 volts through her body in May 2015.

Ms Ursu’s 17-year-old friend was reportedly blown off the train by the force of the current.

A passer-by, who had earlier warned both girls to keep their heads down and avoid the electric cables overhead, heard the loud bang as Ms Ursu ignited.

He attempted unsuccessfully to put out the flames devouring the teenager before ringing emergency services but doctors were unable to save Ms Urusu, who suffered 50 per cent burns to her body.

Rescue Attempt

Her friend, who is reportedly recovering in St Maria hospital, told investigators that the pair had been attempting to take the “ultimate selfie” and hadn’t realized the dangers.

A hospital spokesperson told the Mail Online that the younger teen had not touched the live wire, merely coming into contact with the electrical field.

Source: Mirror UKIndependent

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