Man electrocuted while taking selfie on top of a train

A 21-year-old from southern Spain died on March 15th, 2014 after being electrocuted when he climbed on to a train to take a photo of himself with friends.

The young man from the Andalusian town of Andújar suffered the fatal blow when he touched a high-voltage wire on a train he and his friends had assumed was not electrified.

They’d clambered on top of the parked wagon at Andújar train station to take a picture of themselves when they suffered the severe electric shock.

Spanish online daily Ideal reported that a 3,5000-volt discharge killed the young man as he went to take the photo.

Local paramedics and police rushed to the scene but found the 21-year-old was already dead.

One of his friends survived the shock but remains in a serious condition at the local Alto Guadalquivir Hospital.


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