Woman dies falling off a cliff at a “selfie hotspot”

On Saturday, 17th August 2019, an unidentified woman fell 30 feet down from a cliff to her death in Sydney, Australia.

Rescue helicopter at the scene of the incident

The incident happened in Diamond Bay Reserve in Vaucluse located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The woman was said to be 27 years of age and has not been identified. Witnesses told the police that the woman was taking pictures when she fell off the cliff. Emergency services were called at the scene and they commenced the rescue operations immediately but the woman is believed to have died at the spot of the incident.

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Woman dies accidentally firing father-in-law’s pistol

On Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 23 year old Jahnvi accidentally shot herself while taking picture to post online.

Jahnvi and husband

The incident happened in Durganagar near Agra, India. Jahnvi was an avid social media user. Her husband was a university student in New Delhi. Her father in law served in the army and it was his pistol that was involved in the incident. Her father in law was travelling to Delhi to meet his son.

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Two young men fall of a cliff in Spain

On Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, two young British tourists fell off from the top of a cliff at Costa Brava, Spain.

Daniel Mee and Jayden Dolman

The two deceased men were identified as Daniel Mee (25), and Jayden Dolman (20). They were trying to take a picture in a rather dangerous pose along the handrails, according to the onlookers. From the top of the cliff they fell 40 feet to the pavement near the Punta Prima beach.

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College students gets hit by a train: One dead

On Friday, June 28th 2019, a young college student and and his friend were posing for a daring selfie in front of a moving train and was hit by the same train.

Deceased Manikandan

The two young men were identified as Manikandan and Mahendran. Manikandan instantly died on the impact with the train and Mahendran is hospitalized in critical condition.

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21 year old falls off from a scenic cliff in Portland

On Saturday, May 25 2019, a sophomore at Oregon State University fell 100 feet from a cliff along Neahkahnie Mountain near Portland, Oregon, USA.

Michelle Casey

The 21 year old student, identified as Michelle Casey, was at the scenic viewpoint along with her boyfriend. She tripped and fell over the retaining wall while taking pictures. She fell 100 feet and landed on the branches of a tree, preventing her from falling into the ocean.

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19 year old from Belarus falls to death in Lithuania

At Sunday night, 19th May 2019, 19 year old student from Belarus fell from the balcony of a student hostel in an attempt to take a selfie.

Viktoria Grinkevich

The victim was identified as Viktoria Grinkevich from Belarus. She was a student of media and communications studies at the European Humanitarian University in Vilnius, Lithuania. She was in her second year of studies.

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Doctor drowns while taking picture on beach

On Tuesday, 14th May 2019, a 25 – year old Doctor drowned in Colomb beach, Goa.

Dr. Utukuru Ramya Krishna

The victim was identified as Dr. Utukuru Ramya Krishna. She hails from Jaggayyapeta in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. She was working in a Primary Health Centre in Jaggayyapet right after her MBBS. She moved to Goa in 2018 and was working in emergency services.

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